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Microflusa attends Tohoku Univerty of Japan

Mar 26, 2016

KTH team gave a seminar talk at Tohoky University, Japan on 15 March 2016 and advertised the general information of Fluid Science at Tohoku University in front of approximately 20 researchers/academia.


“On the dynamics of particle-laden flows”

Understanding, predicting and delaying the laminar-turbulent transition has been a long time challenge for researchers. Despite the vast number of investigations, this phenomenon is still not well understood even in simple configurations as plane channel flow. Furthermore, when a suspension of rigid particles is considered instead of pure fluid, the physical mechanisms underlying this transition are even more complex due to the particle-particle and particle-fluid interactions. Indeed, suspensions of solid objects in simple Newtonian flows can exhibit a large variety of dynamical and rheological behaviors depending on the shape, size and volume fraction of the additives, and the shear rate imposed on the flow. During this seminar, we will present some of the key results obtained by our group regarding particle-laden flows. Different flow situations will be presented: i) three of the different regimes existing in a particle-laden channel flow, ii) the influence of confinement on the dynamics of the suspension of neutrally buoyant spherical particles and its effect on the rheology of the Couette flow, and iii) the motion of a deformable capsule within a centrifuge microscope.

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