The Microflusa project receives funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under Grant Agreement No. 664823
RTD Talos Ltd

Targeted breakthrough, Long term vision and Objectives

1. Targeted Breakthrough

The targeted scientific breakthrough is the establishment of a new (microfluidic-based) technology of synthesis of colloidal building blocks enabling the fabrication of functional colloidal materials.

What we are going to do is to specifically generate, with microfluidics, at very high rates, solidified droplet clusters and assemble them into functional materials. Producing one million of building blocks per second and millimeter size samples in hours – an objective far beyond the possibilities of the present techniques - is foreseeable. These performances can further be raised by massive parallelization, although this task stands out of the scope of the project. In this context, envisioning the elaboration, in significant quantities, of materials possessing complete 3D photonic band gap in the visible range, becomes possible.


2. Long term vision

The targeted breakthrough - establish a high throughput, high yield, microfluidics-based method for the fabrication of functional colloidal materials- will represent a milestone for microfluidics and initiate new lines of technology in the fields of material, colloidal science and photonics.


3. Specific Objectives

Within the duration of the project we will target six specific objectives that are realistic, clear and measurable:

  1. Theoretical and numerical description of the hydrodynamics of the droplet cluster formation process.
  2. Chemical synthesis of molecules enabling the solidification/stabilization of the droplet clusters
  3. Simulation of the optical properties of ordered phases made with building blocks.
  4. Production of tens of thousands of solid building blocks in a first step, one million in a second step.
  5. Elaboration of materials by self-assembling tetramers with magnetic heads, under magnetic fields.
  6. With the experience gained, generalization of the approach to a variety of different building blocks, assembly techniques, in view of producing materials with interesting photonic properties, under the guidance of calculations, exchanges, experiences and market analyses.