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Oral & Poster presentation at 5th International Soft Matter Conference

Jul 13, 2019

The 5th International Soft Matter Conference (ISMC2019) was held in Edinburgh, United Kingdom between 3-7 June 2019.


Dr. Maria Russo and Dr. Ilham Maimouni participated in the Conference on behalf of ESPCI and orally presented presented a poster communicating the progress of their efforts.

Dr. Russo's talk was titled "Polymer foams by using microfluidics". Below we have included the abstract of the Presentation:


Due to their interesting properties, polymer foams are widely used in different fields from food industry to industrial engineering. Polymer foams can be produced in different ways, and since they are used widely all over the globe the technologies to produce foams are continuously being improved. In the present study, microfluidic strategies are used to develop 3D, solid, highly monodisperse polymeric foams. In a one-step flow focusing microfluidic approach, polymeric liquid foams are generated starting from bubble by bubble formation. As the concentration of the bubbles increases, they self-assembly and they form a foam, stabilized by a surfactant. As the liquid drains due to the gravity, spherical bubbles turn into polyhedral shapes giving dry foams. In the meanwhile, thanks to the addition of crosslinker for the polymer, foams are solidified via stable chemical crosslinking/polymerization processes. The use of bio-polymers plays the role of a stabilizing agent allowing us to obtain a more concentrated dispersion of nanoparticles to incorporate inside the foam. Size and shape of the cells, as well as thickness and texture of the cell walls (i.e films and plateau borders) have been tuned varying different parameters such as polymer concentration, flow rates, the size of the flow channels and also the drying procedure.


You can view the presented poster in the link below.


Download Poster_ICSM_Microfluidics Final 2705.pdf